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Klejnot manufacturer and wholesaler of silver with amber jewellery since 1994.
Arkada Art - the producer of exclusive silver and amber jewellery.
Hand-crafted custom amber and silver jewelry.
Amber jewelry with insect inclusions.
A selection of green, natural, brown and pale Baltic amber jewelry.
Hand made gifts, amber earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelets, brooches and more.
Baltic amber jewelry in vintage, traditional and contemporary.
Large collection of the best high grade Natural,Lab Created And Imitation loose gems with gemstone settings and jewelry in 14kt gold and silver.
Gemstones Natural , lab created And Imitation gems with gemstone settings and jewelry.
Sales Of Fine Natural , Lab Created and Imitaion loose Gem stones along with gemstone jewelry and silver and gold settings.
Bead Jewels- silver jewellery suppliers,gemstone beads india,precious stones suppliers,gemstone beads exporter,glass beads india,Indian beads manufacturers.
A source of amber, beads, and silver jewelry.
Specializes in producing amber jewellery, many pieces using sterling silver.