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Offering a selection of puka and clam shell necklaces.
Fantasy jewelry crafted from twisted wire using pearls and gemstones.
A variety of jewelry styles.
Edgy, unique, sleek European style jewelry at great prices. Handcrafted sterling silver, wire wrapped, Swarovski crystal, pearl, and rubber designs.
Beautifully handcrafted jewelry for all occasions.
Handcrafted individually designed leather bracelets and barrettes.
Unique, wearable art in glass and mixed metals.
Jewelry handcrafted of various metals and stones in an eclectic style.
Amulants and ornaments of sculptured clay with stained glass and semi-precious.
Combines graphics, sculpture and jewellery.
Eclectic jewelry made from found objects and electronic hardware components.
Anodized aluminum watches, pins, earrings, necklaces, mobiles.
Pins and jewelry. Home of the Wild Woman Pin.
Handmade fashion jewelry for women.