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Artisan Jewelers

Displays jewelry and objects that reflect a belief in the value of the individual and of handmade work versus the anonymity of machine made work.
Our sampling includes ring, earrings, pendents, bracelets, necklaces, key holders, glasses.
Custom silver jewelry and pre-made items.
Offering beautifully unique, well-crafted, individually hand-made jewelry. They use antique and contemporary glass beads and precious metal.
Designers of fine monogrammed and personalized jewelry and wearable works of art in Hebrew or English.
The light of a jewels in a magic shapes.
Contemporary jeweller and eyeglass designer.
Manufacturer and exporter of rings, pins, bangles, necklaces.
Representing The World's Finest Man Made Cubic Zirconia Gems "Diamond Quality" Handset In 14kt.
Platinum wedding bands, 14k gold lockets, and religious jewelry.
The most complete jewelry site on the Internet. Featuring bridal jewelry, earrings, charms, lockets, chains, bracelets and necklaces.
We only use the finest of metals and gemstones.
Offers wildlife jewelry items, earrings and pendants designed by well known Alaskan artist, Richard Koskovich.
Sterling silver and gold charms designed, cast and finished in our shop only.
A Italian producer and exporter of jewels since 1958.