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Brand Watches

Our workshop is situated in Treviso (Italy) at 31, via Canova. A watchmaker and a clockmaker are employed.
Created by women for women, the Delance collection is in essence a distinctive shape.
Delma is currently marketed in over 80 countries around the world.
Offering over 300 styles of custom logo watches.
Manufactures machine tools, tractors, wrist watches, and engineering components including ferrous and non-ferrous castings, dies and moulds, tools, and equipment.
Specializing in promotional watches with the company logo on the dial.
Putting color logos on gold-plated quartz watch faces.
Watch manufacturers.
Swiss manufacturer of watches and clocks.
A big worldwide selling company which has a total of approximate 600 different pieces of watches in all kinds and sorts.
Makers of watch bracelets, located in Switzerland.
Collectible gold and silver jewelry, art, and house wares from Florence, Italy, and more.
The original WATCH of Venice The Unique handmade Watch with Murrina Glass.
Manufactures stainless steel watchbands.
Manufactures a variety leather watch straps in different sizes and materials including leather, denim, nylon.