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You’ll even be able to choose one to wear with your dog tag pendant so that you can keep your style low-key whenever the occasion calls for it.
Manufacturer of top quality gold and gemstone jewelry.
Gold and enameled assorted toe jewelry.
High quality 18 carat gold jewelry in England.
Offers a variety of 14k and 10k gold charms, chains and watches.
Gold and silver Celtic, gemset and traditional Welsh jewelry.
Offers a range of fine jewelry in gold.
Eighteen-karat gold and diamond jewelry manufacturer.
Bridal, nautical, Etruscan and Greek jewelry in 14k gold.
Offering handcrafted 24-Karat gold bullion jewelry in a variety of styles and sizes.
Features Irish Gold jewellery.
Features pendants, earrings and necklaces.
Specializes in 9ct gold jewelry.
Large selection of fine gold jewelry from around the world.
Offers a wide range of jewelry sorted by use.