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SS Jewelry has been in business for over 15 years selling to Jewelry Stores.
Designer jewelry, collectibles, and gifts for all occasions.
Supply a wide variety of publications with information related to the diamond trade and industry.
Exciting and unique collection of ear, hand and foot jewelry.
Vintage and contemporary costume jewelry.
Source for a wide variety of jewelry and accessory needs, as well as information for the professional piercer.
Diamond merchant specializing in the trade of loose diamonds.
Reproduction pieces.
Exclusive handmade beachglass jewelry including custom rings, necklaces.
Offering Viking jewelry such as rings, Thor's hammers, pendants, brooches, and belt buckles.
Pewter Celtic jewelry and giftware from Cornwall such as bangles, earrings.
High relief hand engraving of sterling silver, copper and 18K gold, handcut, engraved and forged.
Offers a range of rough assortments.
Specializing in 1/4+, GIA and EGL certed stones.
Compare product, store prices and information on jewelry.