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Emeralds, rubies, sapphires; hard asset collectibles at wholesale prices.
Are You Looking For Gorgeous Jewelry? You should see what we have in store!
We are a young firm born in the 1995, we cause jewels in silver of tendency and classical of excellent quality.
Handcrafted designer jewelry by New York artisan Cori Morenberg. Offers necklaces, bracelets, and earrings featuring turquoise, coral, pearls, and more.
Offers fine jewelry using precious and semi precious stones, custom designed, in high carat gold, sterling silver or both.
Opal inlay jewelry designed by Mark Hileman.
We deliver opal and opalproducts worldwide.
Distinctive necklaces, chokers, bracelet/anklets and earrings made of various kinds of imported beads.
Producer of jewelry components for jewelry manufacturers around the world.
Manufacturers and suppliers to the professional jewelry.
Canadian retailer offers police rings in silver and gold with a thin blue line, or custom design.
Custom made titanium rings including tension set engagement rings made to specification.
With Tahitian Black Pearls of magical and captivating beauty, we create classic, contemporary jewelry in 18K gold and platinum.
Unique original Chipewyan silver ,gold and gemmed Jewelry. Hand-engraved and cast, Native Jewelry,Rings, earrings,bracelets,pendants and more.Specializing in custom orders and animal themes.
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